We're so glad you asked, we could use the help.  There are many volunteer opportunities available right now.  

Spring season typically begins for all grades the first week in April, weather permitting.   Registration for spring lacrosse will open each year in late January or early February.

SYSO starts with Kindergaten, and goes up through 8th grade. You can see the full league guidelines here.

Yesyou will need to provide standard equipment including a stick, gloves, helmet, elbow pads, shoulder pads, cup, footwear and a mouth piece.  If its your first year playing AND you need to borrow equipment, SYSO will provide a helmet, jersey, elbow pads and shoulder pads.  Please let us know upon registration.

Player evaluations for the spring lacrosse season are for 5th - 8th grade players only.  The evaluations will take place once per year during 2 sessions with hired, 3rd party evaluators on the field.  Sessions are usually held indoors in February to prepare for the upcoming season.   SYSO coaches, personnel and player parents and not allowed on the turf during tryouts, and all evaluation results are kept confidential by the SYSO Boys' Lacrosse board and evaluation committee.

That depends on the grade your in and the season being played as costs can vary.  Each season player fees will be posted prior to and during the registration period.

SYSO Boys' Lacrosse officially supports programs in Winter, Spring and some Summer lacrosse clinics on an annual basis.

When registration opens, typically 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the season, the home page of the website will have a registration link to the upcoming season.  You must create an account to register as a player. 

SYSO games can be scheduled by contacting our commissioner's inbox commissioner@somerslacrosse.com, or by contacting grade level coaches / team manager's directly.

Somers Slam is the annual SYSO Lacrosse tournament typically held the last week in May or beginning of June at Somers High School.  For more info or to register you can get the full Somers Slam info here.