1st – 4th Grade Lacrosse

The main focus of 1st - 4th-grade lacrosse in SYSO is on fundamentals development for players.   At this level, we also have volunteer coaches to instruct on game fundamentals.  As players develop in age the program adds additional time spent per week and skill complexity to their format.  This group of players will experience practices, house league gameplay and out of town game and tournament play.

  • Spring (main season), Winter and Summer league options
  • 8v8 and 10v10 player formats progressed by grade
  • Balanced teams (no player evaluations)
  • Volunteer coaches (may be parents)
  • All equipment provided by parents

Sample calendar below demonstrates the type of activity, weekly format, team sizes and coaching assignments that players and parents can expect at the following grade levels (calendar days are for reference purposes only and alternate year to year):