SYSO Girls Lacrosse starts in Kindergarten and runs through 8th grade.

  • Goggles with SEI certified stamp
  • Stick - K- 2 level - a beginner stick you can cut it - you do not have to spend $100 on a starter stick!
  • Recommended vendor: Sports Barn – Yorktown
  • Colored mouthguard (Get 2!)
  • No jewelry
  • Sneakers/cleats
  • Uniform  - Skirt/Jersey - MUST wear black bike shorts under - can wear solid under armor long sleeve.

That depends on the grade you are in, and the season being played. Player fees will be posted prior to, and during the registration period.

SYSO Girls Lacrosse is open to any girl interested in playing. The coaches will do their best to bring new players up to speed, emphasizing a fun and safe experience.

When registration opens the homepage of the website will have a link for registration.

  • If a situation arises - we ask that you do not approach a coach during or after a game and that you follow the 24 hour rule - sit on the situation for 24 hour and then reach out looking for a time to connect.
  • Sideline behavior - Parents be parents and encourage your daughters on the field, but let the coaches coach and the ref - ref - are there going to be bad call - YES! - let the coaches handle it
  • You will be asked to leave the game if you are talking back to any ref
  • We represent the Somers Community - and I know we want to be known as respectful and classy
  • At the youth level all athletes should see playing time. If you are concerned with your child's playing time please email your coach and they will be happy to discuss it with you.
  • Player gets HURT: please stay in the stands or on your side of the field - let the coach assess - if we need you