Those who can do, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. Give the assist.

Ready to try something new?  Been ready to step in the game from the sidelines but didn't know how?  Why not volunteer alongside your son to give back, build friendships, make connections in the community, set an example for your kids and do something just for yourself?

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available now for 2017 with varying levels of time flexibility, required skills and effort.  All of it is 100% rewarding and great news, previous lacrosse experience is NOT required :-).  Please come join us for a volunteer info session on January 18th, 7pm at Van Tassel. 

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Somers Slam Chairperson & Assistants (Help make Somer's most important event even better)
  • Scheduling & Fields Coordinator  (Easily the most powerful person in Somers)
  • Fundraising & Events Lead (Like to throw parties?  This is you)
  • Equipment & Gear Coordinator (Ever want to run a sports equipment store...here's your chance)
  • Health & Safety Coordinator (Time commitment is low but couldn't be more important for everyone)
  • Volunteers Coordinator (How meta, we know)
  • Photographer (Photo hobbyist or professional - the league needs your talent)
  • Web Designers (Have an eye for design and are web savvy - we need help designing email newsletters and operating the website)
  • Grade Level Liaisons (A great way to give back directly to your team)
  • ...and many more...

If you're interested in a volunteer opportunity but cannot attend the info session on Jan 18th, please don't hesitate to take action.  Email the SYSO Lacrosse Board to express your interest today.

If you cannot volunteer right away please take a moment to email, post, share, tweet, chat these great opportunities to your social accounts.    Your contribution matters and we appreciate it.

Those We Volunteer For