Minor League

Official Rules and Best Practices

Minor League is open to all players in Grades 3-5 who are between 9-10 on April 1.

  1. No metal or screw in type cleats may be worn.
  2. All players must play at least three (3) full innings in the field
  3. Roster is in effect. Any late arriving players will be entered into the last spot or next available if lineup has turned.
  4. Ten (10) players maximum are permitted in the field.
  5. When catcher is on base with 2 outs, courtesy runner will be used.
  6. Runner may not leave base until the ball reaches home plate.
  7. Stealing of 2nd and 3rd base is permitted. Stealing of home is not.
  8. Continuation play: to prevent a base runner who has just received a base-on-balls from
    further advancement, the team in the field must have the pitcher in the dirt area of the
    pitching mound.
  9. No slap/slash bunting allowed.
  10. Parents or spectators are not allowed behind the backstop while the game is being played.
  11. Batter will be called out on a dropped third strike.
  12. No mercy rule, although coaches should always encourage good sportsmanship.
  13. An inning is over when a third out is recorded or when batting team scores 6 runs.
  14. Game is six (6) innings or time permitted (2 hours). No new inning shall begin after 1
    hour 45 minutes from scheduled start time.
  15. Scores may be kept, although coaches should never lose sight of good sportsmanship.
  16. Bases will be 60 feet apart.
  17. Infield fly rule is not in effect

Pitching Rules as follows:

  1. A new Pitcher must begin each of the final 2 innings (or extra innings) Max 40 pitches
  2. Pitcher is not allowed more than 3 walks per inning.
  3. Pitchers hitting three batters must will be removed.
  4. Breaking ball pitches are not permitted. The first observance incident will result
    in a called ‘ball’ and a warning to the pitcher. Second observed incident will
    resulting in a called ‘ball’ and removal of pitcher.
  5. Once pitcher is removed from game, he is not permitted to re-enter as the pitcher.
  6. Pitcher must have at least two full days rest in between pitching assignments.
  1.  No contact rule will be in effect. Players must slide to avoid contact with players at any
    base. It is the sole responsibility of the umpire to call the runner OUT. No phantom tags.
  2. Free substitution in the field is permitted.
  3. A manager may make as many trips as necessary to the mound per inning.
  4. Baseball allowed for league play must be RIF level 10 only.
  5. Bats must be approved for Little League play. No big barrel (-3 or -5) bats are allowed.
  6. Pitchers must wear a heart guard while pitching. Heart guards and athletic supporters are
    recommended for all players.
  7. While Pitching machine is in play, player (wearing heart guard) should be safely positioned adjacent and slightly behind the pitching machine and free to field.
  8. First basemen, batters and runners must wear helmets at all times.
  9. Coaches must inspect the catcher’s equipment (league & player owned) and make sure
    the catcher’s mask has a throat guard. Hockey style masks also require throat guards.
  10. There is to be no arguing with the umpire should a coach argue with an umpire he/she
    may be ejected from the game, and may become ineligible to continue to coach in the