Melody LaRocca


I would be interested in continuing the effective work already in place by the prior trustees in our youth program. I believe that football (especially in our town) is a perfect balance of discipline, growth and solidarity in the community. My interest would extend through the whole program for all the players and potential players as well. My hope is that all participants stay interested, motivated and encouraged while growing within our community and within the structure of the program. Working for the Board of Education and closely with the Athletics Department in the Mahopac District, I understand the roles and responsibility of the Board and, although they are mostly fiduciary, they can also be complicated and confidential in nature. I am a hard worker and would support the program by holding items confidentially, thinking of all children involved in the program, making decisions within the parameters of the Board while keeping a whole child’s perspective to it. I am also familiar with the rules and regulations of the Taconic League.