Matt Gallino


It has been my privilege to serve as Commissioner of Somers Youth Football for the past 3 seasons. This role is time consuming but very rewarding when we see it all come together when our children take the field! My wife Rosalind and I live in Somers with our 2 boys who play on our 11U and 13U teams. My priorities as Commissioner have been to improve communication and organization of our program, while making the program as inclusive as possible. I am very proud of the work we have done over the past 3 years in keeping Somers Youth Football as the premier club in the Taconic Youth Football Conference. I attribute this to a dedicated and determined set of coaches we have the privilege of working with, a very strong community that supports our children and views athletics as important to child development, and dedicated parents who make the sacrifices in both time and money to enable their children to participate. I love the sport of Football having played from 7th to 12th grade where I grew up in Pennsylvania, as well as 4 years playing defensive lineman at Columbia University. I believe that football is far more than a sport for our children - but an extension of the classroom where they can learn more about teamwork, responsibility, healthy eating and exercise habits, and the rewards that hard work, dedication and perseverance bring. I hope to continue strengthening our program to ensure that this opportunity is both available and best-in-class to the children of Somers for years to come.